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Quick PDF Library 8.14 Beta 6 Released

March 15, 2012

Quick PDF Library 8.14 beta 6 has been released and is ready for download and testing. Version 8.14 beta 6 includes new functions, bug fixes and enhancements. The 8.14 beta 6 installer can be downloaded from the button below.

Release Notes

New functions

  • GetViewPortBBox
  • SetOptionalContentConfigState
  • SetCapturedPageTransparencyGroup
  • SetTableThinBorders
  • SetTableThinBordersCMYK
  • RemoveFormFieldBorderColor
  • SetTextUnderlineCustomDash
  • SetTextUnderlineWidth
  • SetTextUnderlineDistance
  • DrawRotatedBox
  • DrawRotatedMultiLineText
  • GetPrinterMediaTypes
  • GetPageColorSpaces
  • SetDestProperties
  • SetDestValue

Bug fixes

  • Corrected page height related issues with direct access text extraction
  • Shading patterns are removed from the page correctly with SplitPageText
  • Corrected Index parameter offsets in geospatial PDF functions
  • Corrected handling of symbolic TrueType fonts
  • Improved metafile import (non-breaking spaces and rotated text)
  • Added range checks to Type1 charstring lookup
  • NewNamedDestination now updates multilevel name trees correctly
  • Intermediate form field nodes updated correctly when child nodes are flattened or deleted
  • Added preliminary support for CalGray colorspace
  • Fixed word spacing bug during rendering in 64-bit mode
  • ToUnicode cmaps for TrueType subsetted fonts are now correctly split into ranges
  • Dash patterns and zero length lines improved to match Acrobat
  • Form field borders are suppressed when there is no border color entry
  • Multiple HTML text wrapping bug fixed
  • Fixed bug when extracting text from a page after rendering it
  • Imported metafiles containing patterns now result in properly formatted pattern objects
  • Corrected font metrics calculations when font size is negative
  • NormalizePage function now works with any prior Origin setting
  • CCITT EncodedByteAlign fixed for certain images
  • AddTrueTypeFont fixed with a /Differences array for code page 874
  • Rendering with Cairo now correctly strokes paths that are also filled
  • Content stream parts are combined with whitespace during rendering
  • Corrected position and size of EMF images drawn to the page
  • GetXFAFormFieldCount now correctly returns 0 instead of 1 if there are no XFA fields
  • Corrected the handling of a null encryption dictionary


  • GetDefaultPrinterName function returns correct result even after printing to a different printer
  • DPI of certain images extracted using direct access function are now set
  • DPI of certain images generated by the renderer are now set
  • Files with a datetime earlier than the year 1900 can now be opened
  • Added support for incorrect AcroForm spelling (Acroform)
  • Added G4 TIFF output to the renderer (not supported in Windows XP and earlier)
  • HTML5 renderer output added to documentation and enabled in all rendering functions
  • QPL base class now internally calls CoInitialize and CoUninitialize in a safe way
  • Better support for single pixel masked images
  • Improvements to line styles in metafile import
  • Improvements to text extraction word splitting
  • Added support for importing 8-bit paletted TIFF images
  • Added support for importing TIFF images with SamplesPerPixel greater than 4
  • Improvements to text alignment in the metafile import
  • Improved text extraction from PDFs without explicit space characters
  • Added support for UTF-16LE strings in PDF text string objects
  • Improvements to widths array for TrueType subsetted fonts
  • Added support for flate compressed TIFF images
  • Added support for multipage TIFF image loading via GDI+
  • Improvements to table border lines in EMF import
  • Simple transparency groups rendered with Cairo
  • Better handling of TIFF images with missing BitsPerSample/RowsPerStrip tags
  • GDI+ and Cairo renderer now support linear gradients
  • Added option to ignore font descenders during text extraction
  • Annotation enumeration uses cached results where possible
  • Added support for RC4 encrypted documents with encryption strength between 40 and 128
  • SecurityInfo returns information about which password was used to open the document
  • Added code to handle integer overflow in PNG unfiltering
  • Cairo support for RenderPageToFile, RenderPageToStream, RenderPageToString and RenderPageToVariant
  • Improvements to font name matching during rendering
  • Improvements to text extraction for complicated character placements
  • ClosePath removed from EmfPolyLine16 in metafile import
  • Support for certain accented characters in metafile import

Upgrading To Version 8

If you are still using version 7 and would like to upgrade visit this page:

More information on upgrading to version 8 can be found online here.

Feedback! Any feedback large or small is appreciated. We’ll shortly be planning the next round of exciting new features for Quick PDF Library, so we’d really like to know what you want to see added to the SDK. Don’t be shy, email us at and have your say.

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