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Quick PDF Library 7.24 Released

March 25, 2011

The official version of Quick PDF Library 7.24 has been released and is ready for download from our updates page. This version includes numerous bug fixes, enhancements and new functions. The 7.24 installer can also be downloaded from the button below.

Release Notes

New functions

  • GetFormFieldNoExport
  • GetFormFieldRequired
  • SetFormFieldNoExport
  • SetFormFieldRequired
  • GetFormFieldChoiceType
  • SetAnnotBorderStyle
  • IsTaggedPDF
  • DAEmbedFileStreams
  • RemoveCustomInformation

Bug fixes

  • Range check improvements to Type1 decoding
  • Corrected missing letters in form field annotations
  • Rendering and extraction of direct font dictionaries
  • ToUnicode CMaps handled for non-CID fonts
  • MissingWidth font metric used instead of DW
  • Consistent handling of CCITT images on various operating systems
  • Improvements to nested CID font widths structures
  • Improvements to parsing of various destination structures
  • Improvements to parsing of comments and whitespace
  • Inline image resource stream improvements
  • Memory allocation fix in JBIG2 decoder
  • Bitmaps row access fix in JBIG2 decoder
  • Appearance stream generation for auto-size fields now handles alignment correctly
  • Resource names are now correctly normalized in the renderer
  • Infinite loop in xref processing of small files eliminated
  • Process DPI tags in TIFF images correctly (AP1 marker)
  • Aspect ratio of canvas corrected
  • EPS output bug fixes (miter limit and image references)


  • DataMatrix 2D barcodes can be rotated
  • Support for GS1-128 (EAN-128) barcodes
  • Support for DeviceN color spaces
  • Faster direct access page searching for very large documents
  • DrawDataMatrixSymbol allows the fill color to be set
  • Memory optimizations for ICC based images
  • Get/set embedded file description
  • CFF font data in OpenType fonts enabled for non-embedded fonts
  • More options for getting/setting choice form field flags
  • Added an option to retrieve an annotation’s border width
  • Added support for B/W LZW images
  • SetCustomInformation now allows empty values

Feedback! Any feedback large or small is appreciated. We’ll shortly be planning the next round of exciting new features for Quick PDF Library, so we’d really like to know what you want to see added to the SDK. Don’t be shy, email us at and have your say.

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