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Quick PDF Library 7.18 Released

March 3, 2010

Quick PDF Library 7.18 has been officially released and is now ready for download from the updates page. The new version contains a number of significant additions and improvements to the library, including Delphi 2010 support, JPEG2000 / JPXDecode image support, enhanced unicode support and a whole lot more.

The full list of changes is listed below. As you can see, we’ve put a lot of work into version 7.18 over the past few months and we’re proud to make this our first official release of 2010. This is just the start of our exciting plans for 2010, so stay tuned…

New Features and Improvements

  • Improvements to cross reference table parsing
  • Improvements to decryption (permissions key encoding)
  • Improvements to random object names
  • Improvements to UTF-8 encoding and decoding
  • Bug fix in handling of read only files
  • Bug fix in parsing of Type 4 Functions
  • Bug fix in AddLinkToFile function for Unicode file names
  • DAOpenFile sets LastErrorCode values
  • Bug fix in processing of objects stored in object streams
  • Bug fix in DAOpenFileReadOnly function
  • DocJavaScriptAction supports “WC” rather than “DC”
  • Added 411 (File not found) to LastErrorCode
  • Added return code 2 to LoadFrom* functions (for detecting encrypted cross reference streams)
Page and document manipulation
  • Improvements to ExtractPageRanges function
  • Improvements to ExtractPages function
  • Improvements to CopyPageRanges function
  • New! SetPageBox function
  • Added options 4 and 5 to SetPageMode function (OCG and Attachments)
  • Bug fix in AddTrueTypeFont* functions allowing text extraction from non-English code pages
  • Improvements to AddTrueTypeFont* functions, fonts in TrueType collections now supported
  • Bug fix parsing Type 1 fonts
Form Fields and Annotations
  • Support for adding choice fields
  • Bug fix in GetAnnot*Property retrieving annotation page number
  • New! IsAnnotFormField function
  • New! AttachAnnotToForm function
  • New! NewChildFormField function
  • Added tag 131 to GetAnnotIntProperty for page number of GoTo link
  • NewFormField can create parent form fields
Text extraction and rendering
  • Improvements to handling pages with inline images
  • Added support for composite fonts with variable-length encoding
  • Added support for predefined CMaps
  • Improved handling of 8-bit CMaps
  • Bug fix for handling of paths in Winding mode
  • Improvements to alpha transparency masks
  • Added support for named color spaces
  • Bug fix for text extraction CSV output with properly quoted strings
  • Bug fix in Type 1 font rasterizer
  • New! PrintDocumentToFile function
  • Bug fix handling inverted Packbits TIFF images
  • Added support for rendering JPEG2000 images (not available in Delphi 4 and Delphi 5 Editions)
  • Added support for CalGray color space
  • Optimized handling of 1-bit mono image data
  • Added support for LZW predictors
Unicode support
  • AddFormField – SubName parameter
  • DAGetFormFieldTitle – return string
  • DAGetFormFieldValue – return string
  • DAOpenFileReadOnly – FileName parameter
  • ExtractFilePages – InputFileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • ExtractFilePages – OutputFileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • FileListItem – return string (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • FindFormFieldByTitle – Title parameter
  • GetAnnotStrProperty – return string (previously only for two tags)
  • GetFormFieldCaption – return string
  • GetFormFieldChildTitle – return string
  • GetFormFieldDefaultValue – return string
  • GetFormFieldDescription – return string
  • GetFormFieldTitle – return string
  • GetFormFieldValue – return string
  • GetFormFieldValueByTitle – return string
  • GetFormFieldValueByTitle – Title parameter
  • GetTempPath – return string (previously only for Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • NewFormField – Title parameter
  • SaveToFile – FileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • SetFormFieldCaption – NewCaption parameter
  • SetFormFieldTitle – NewTitle parameter
  • SetFormFieldDefaultValue – NewDefaultValue parameter
  • SetFormFieldDescription – NewDescription parameter
  • SetFormFieldValue – NewValue parameter
  • SetFormFieldValueByTitle – Title parameter
  • SetFormFieldValueByTitle – NewValue parameter
  • SetGDIPlusFileName – DLLFileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • SetTempFile – FileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • SignFile – InputFileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • SignFile – SignatureFieldName parameter
  • SignFile – OutputFileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • SignFile – PFXFileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)
  • StoreCustomDataFromFile – FileName parameter (previously only in Delphi/DLL Edition)

Free Upgrade

Version 7.18 is a minor update and therefore all existing version 7.x license owners are entitled to a free upgrade. Owners of older versions of Quick PDF Library can upgrade online here for $149.40.

Discuss The New Version

We’re proud of the community that has formed around Quick PDF Library, so we’d like to encourage new users to join in the fun and discuss the latest version of Quick PDF Library over at
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